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Mar 29, 2013 6:00pm PDT
left administrators and students reeling from the loss. john sasaki is live in san bruiny on where the thieves made off with high-priced technology. john? >> reporter: gasia, about 10:00 last night, the thieves cut that chain and in the back of the building into the technology classrooms. someone broke through the door to get into the room, and it was fully stocked with im ac computers and carts with ipads, ipods, and other computers but the thieves went to the newest and most expensive m ac books with nothing else touched rising the possibility that the criminals knew the layout. they took 22 computers but dropped four of them outside getting away. >> each of the computers is worth $2,000, and i have not begun to price out the software on there. most is subscription based. we pay a fee every year. >> if someone can reach out and help us find them, anybody they can do to help, we will accept it because it's for the children. >> reporter: the school is now on spring break and the staff and police are hoping to find the computers before the students return a week from monday. live in
Mar 29, 2013 5:00pm PDT
from a san bruno elementary school. john sasaki is live with more on why they did it and left a bloody mess behind. john? >> reporter: gasia, this is where the bad guys got in, cut this chain and through the gate and broke into the technology classroom. a small window and a door had to be replaced today after someone broke through a door and made off with a collection of mac book computers last night. >> that's sad that you think that's okay, to steal from kids. >> reporter: the thieves got into the roomfuly stocked with imac computers and filled with ipads, ipods, and computers but went straight to the newest and most expensive mac books. >> not only a loss for the children and what they're losing, the technology but for children when something like this happens, it scares them. >> i think whoever took these knew exactly this was the most expensive computer in the room. >> reporter: raising the possibility that the criminals knew the layout and the way each computer was stored. they dropped four of them outside while getting away. >> why? why would somebody do that? that's why i was a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2